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Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreat in Jamaica

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Welcome Psychonaut! (psychonaut means explorer of consciousness and altered states).

Gaia Sagrada has long offered the most affordable and best possible prices for Ayahuasca Retreat & San Pedro medicine retreats.

Now Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreat brings its experience, professionalism, safety and care to the world of Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica!

Affordable Magic Mushroom Retreat

We offer the most affordable Magic Mushroom Retreats! Why? Gaia Sagrada is not in it for the money. Our prime directive is the awakening of humanity.

Read more about our mission here. Gaia Sagrada is run by a non-profit organization (Wisdom of the Heart 501(c)3) and makes prices close to costs so everyone can partake.

Years Of Safety, Experience & Care

Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center in Ecuador would love to offer these retreats in Ecuador where the Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies are held, but as of now magic mushrooms are not legal in Ecuador (just small amounts decriminalized which is not enough). Magic Mushrooms are only truly legal in Jamaica, even though some people are telling you they are legal in Mexico, Netherlands, and other places.

magic mushroom retreatTherefore, Gaia Sagrada is offering these Magic Mushroom retreats in Jamaica, the ONLY place in the world where real magic mushrooms are truly legal. Read more about what’s really legal and not legal in various countries. Truly Legal Mushroom Retreats

As most people know, Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center is one of the top 10 Ayahuasca Retreat Centers in the world, recommended by the most influential people in the industry. Gaia Sagrada has literally hundreds of rave reviews on both and

Gaia Sagrada now offers Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica with the same care, experience, safety and professionalism with which our Ayahuasca Retreats and San Pedro Retreats have been offered.

Feel free to read the reviews and you will see that Gaia Sagrada brings professionalism, safety and compassion to the world of Magic Mushroom Retreats in a way no other organization can! Gaia Sagrada Reviews & Testimonials.

About Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica

Magic Mushrooms (psilocybin mushrooms) are powerful medicine if used correctly and in a ceremonial fashion. Used recreationally, the healing powers are missed and dark energies interfere if the space is not protected by a trained shaman who knows how to hold the space correctly. Read here about your  retreat shaman
magic mushroom retreat

At our Magic Mushroom Retreats you can safely:

  • dive deep into your inner universes
  • heal past traumas and abuses
  • explore creative ideas and receive inspirations for your next projects
  • find your life purpose
  • learn how to deal with whatever difficult situation you are dealing with in your life
  • make peace with the past, present and future
  • make peace with people who have harmed you, from personal challenges to world leaders
  • change your perspective on yourself and your life
  • change your perspective on others
  • attain another level of enlightenment
  • explore the mysteries of the universe
  • meet the master within you who knows the answers to all your questions
  • and much more!

magic mushroom retreat

We look forward to being of service to you in your healing and awakening at our Magic Mushroom Retreat. May love and light be with you as you make your choices in where you are going to partake in the medicines, and may your heart guide you to the right experience for you. Do this exercise here to help you use your heart to make the right choice.

“Magic Mushrooms are the consciousness explorer’s best friend!”

Learn more about Gaia Sagrada, located high in the Andes of Ecuador!

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  1. What can I say about mushrooms! It’s a way of life! I love to grow, trip, and can’t stop talking about it. The mycelium is in my mind, body, and soul! It’s all connected!

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