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Counseling Provided – Magic Mushroom Retreats – Gaia Sagrada

magic mushroom retreatsCounseling IS provided to every retreat participant as they need it.
There is always someone to talk with about what is going on,
who has experience with this method of healing,
training in spiritual counseling of various sorts,
and life experience, which is the true teacher, guru, or shaman.

There is assistance for integrating your journey. A guest is never alone or lost in their journey. We don’t approach with a clinical psychology method though. Our methods of counseling have more to do with help you find your own answers, asking the right questions, and giving you spiritual perspectives to work with. 

Our experienced facilitators and sitters are always there for you during your retreat. Gaia Sagrada always creates a powerful team for facilitating healing, which is Gaia Sagrada’s well known specialty!

The counseling we provide is more down to Earth and spiritual in nature rather than text book psychology. For those who need a spiritual approach to their healing, this is the best magic mushroom retreat to go to.

While there is a level of psychotherapy at this magic mushroom retreat if you need to talk it out, there is also a focus on going deeper than that. You may need to talk about little about it first, and we are here to listen, but in the end going within for your answers is the way of a master and you can gain that ability during this retreat. 

magic mushroom retreatYou will be given many tools for integrating your healing and enlightenment:

  • from our Magic Mushroom Preparation Course given to you before your retreat
  • to our Magic Mushroom Integration Course after you finish
  • you will also have Facebook group connections after the retreat where you can always ask questions and get answers
  • you will always have people to talk with about your experience who support you through the journey of returning home after the retreat
  • you are given several exercises, resources, and tools to use for your integration during the Magic Mushroom Retreat that you can use when you go home

Rest assured that you will be taken care of every step of the way, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. This is a very important aspect of a Magic Mushroom Retreat that not all facilitators understand. It is not just physical care, safety and comfort around the healing process. Emotional, mental and spiritual care are also of the utmost importance. 

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