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Can A Magic Mushroom Retreat Change Your Life?

magic mushroom retreat

magic mushroom retreatA lot of people ask me about the shamanic medicines and what they can really do to change your life. Can they change your life or is it all just a big fantasy?

The answer is both yes and no to both concepts.

Fantasy Or Reality?

On the one hand, if one isn’t willing to do the spiritual homework that the shamanic medicines like Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Magic Mushrooms show them to do, and hope it’s just a magic pill they can take and everything will be ok, then yes. It’s just a big fantasy. There will be a let down because just taking the medicines isn’t enough. There is self discipline and action on the insights given during the medicine journeys that is necessary to follow through on. Magic Mushrooms, and any other shamanic medicine, are not the lazy man’s path to enlightenment like some people think it is.

If person is ready to do the spiritual homework the medicines show them to do, then yes, these medicines can change your life. BIG TIME! Super Big Time!

I have witnessed incredible healings with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Magic Mushrooms when no other method could help. Talk therapy can’t even come close to what these medicines can do. I have facilitated literally 1000’s of shamanic medicine ceremonies and I have gotten to see things very few people get to see.

Mushroom Retreat and how it can change your life. I have just started Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica by Gaia Sagrada (Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador works with Ayahuasca and San Pedro traditions, but Magic Mushroom Retreats happen in Jamaica for legal reasons).

magic mushroom retreatThe reason I have decided to branch out and work with Magic Mushrooms is because these are a very overlooked shamanic medicine that very few people understand as the healing salve that it is for the soul. It is far different than the other medicines.

Most people have only taken Magic Mushrooms in a recreational format, not a ceremonial format with purpose and intention. When used with purpose and intention, Magic Mushrooms are a powerful medicine and a force for change.

A Magic Mushroom Retreat gives a person a chance to dive deep into the universe within themselves and find the divine that he or she truly is. This is where the most profound healing can happen, right at the core of one’s being. Once a person discovers this place in themselves, all healing is possible and the human condition is not so insurmountable then.

Talk therapy and psychology are relegated to the mental realms and can only reach the surface levels of healing. The healing that a Magic Mushroom Retreat can give is deeper than the mental realms, reaching into the profound depths of consciousness that few people can ever reach without years and years of meditation.

Even long time practitioners of meditation have difficulty reaching these levels of consciousness. Magic Mushrooms takes you to the singularity within you, to the origins of who you are. This is where real and permanent healing happens.

In the beginning of this article I said that for some people a Magic Mushroom Retreat turns out to just be a big fantasy because they are unwilling to do the spiritual self discipline that is necessary after a retreat is over. The secret to making the changes a reality is doing the spiritual homework necessary after the retreat to make those changes stick. It’s all about self discipline and acting on the insights you received during the retreat!

By Christine Breese, PhD, Shaman, founder of University of Metaphysical SciencesGaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center in Ecuador South America and Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica.

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