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Most Affordable Magic Mushroom Retreat

Gaia Sagrada is not in it for the money. Our prime directive is the awakening of humanity. Read more about Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreats mission here. Gaia Sagrada is run by a non-profit organization (Wisdom of the Heart 501(c)3) and makes prices close to costs so everyone can partake. It is important to Gaia Sagrada. Sure, it isn’t free, but it’s as low as it can be. We are doing our best to bring it to you for as close to expenses as we can get!

“You will not find a more affordable Magic Mushroom Retreat anywhere! Why?”

This is not an era for making tons of money, hoarding  or squandering it on material luxuries and wastefulness. This is an era of change, one that will be written about in future history books as humanity’s Great Awakening. This is a quantum leap for humanity if the masses heal. 

magic mushroom retreatYou’re in the Great Awakening if you:

  • want to make peace with the past
  • you are doing your spiritual inner work
  • want to create a beautiful and abundant life
  • want to be happy
  • hear the call of the medicines
  • hear the call of your heart and soul
  • long for a deeper connection to All That Is
  • want to live more in the Present Moment
  • want to rediscover the magic within you
  • and want to make a difference by creating a better world around you

Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreats is here to meet your need and humanity’s transformation by providing the healing vehicle necessary for people to cross the bridge into a beautiful life who are using Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca or San Pedro as a spiritual tool. If enough individuals heal their lives and shine the light to others around them, the world changes, one individual at a time. 

We care about you! That’s why we won’t charge the money most Magic Mushroom retreat facilitators charge because we are here to make sure you have a chance to experience this. 

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