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Magic Mushroom Retreat Reviews – Gaia Sagrada

magic mushroom retreat reviewsHere you will see our Reviews & Testimonials for Gaia Sagrada Retreats. The level of safety, professionalism and care that people report about our Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreats in Ecuador is the same safety, professionalism and care brought to our Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica.

Gaia Sagrada Reviews – Here you will find 300+ reviews of Gaia Sagrada

Here are a few things people say:

“It was the best thing I have ever done for myself, for my family, and for everyone with whom I come in contact. The ceremonies gave me exactly what I needed. I went to Gaia Sagrada intending to release some trauma residue, experience myself as powerful, and pierce the veil of duality… I felt completely cared for and held in a safe and strong container. The property was beautiful, the accommodations were comfortable, the food was absolutely delicious, the classes and workshops were super helpful… I can’t imagine a better environment in which to do it. I will be back.” — Homeyworld

“Words can’t express how profoundly grateful I am to Gaia Sagrada… My group and I were there for 7 days last week and had such an amazing experience. I still feel fantastic and feel more deeply appreciative each day. The grounds were absolutely beautiful and had such a nice energy to it, and the accommodations were comfortable. The shamans and staff worked tirelessly in making sure everyone received the attention and support they needed.” — Mich Egan 783

“Christine and her teams of staff and volunteers are amazing and very special people, they were always there when I needed them and their love and positivity was so real and contagious ❤️ And finally I cannot express enough the love and gratitude I have for all the guests that I had the pleasure to share the experience with. They are friends/family for life. I shared with them all one of the most special moments of my life and I’ll never forget it.” — Straightarrow

“Everything about my seven days at Gaia Sagrada exceeded my expectations…everything. The ceremonies were very well planned and expertly-led, which created a safe space to really go deep into the experience of the medicines… I left the retreat having gotten more than I expected and exactly what I needed. The staff and work exchangers, without exception, were friendly and helpful in so many different ways. The entire experience was infused with their positive energy, compassion, and commitment to our healing…” — gls1975

“Christine is a very wonderful human and I would love to know more about how her dreams all manifested into the beautiful healing center named Gaia Sagrada. Christine gave a talk about the medicines at the beginning of the retreat. In my opinion, she is a powerful alchemist that knows the skills necessary to liberate ones mind and become empowered again after being conditioned by trauma. I know she offers essential wisdom to those who wish to take it. She does not claim being a guru and I never got cult vibes from her. She gracefully shared her path with the retreat group and it was up to you how to interpret it. I hope to one day touch as many lives as she has with the healing power of the earth. A true medicine worker.”  — Charis Ragsdale

“She’s an excellent shaman. Her deep knowledge of human psychology, and very intuitive sense makes her extremely good at her job. She’s a healer down to her last bone. Thank you Christine for everything. You have made my visit to Gaia Sagrada a truly life changing event.” —‎Firas 

There are hundreds and hundreds more Gaia Sagrada Reviews at the sites above. Enjoy! 

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