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Spiritual Approach To Magic Mushrooms Ceremonies & Retreats

What Gaia Sagrada offers is different than any other magic mushroom retreats. Something you will notice about most other magic mushroom retreats is there is a clinical approach, trying to fit into western medicine. However, this is a somewhat unnatural approach for an experience such as a magic mushroom retreat.

No dogma or specific religions are adhered to or taught, not even Shamanism. All spiritual paths are welcome. In fact we encourage you to find your own individual path and connection to Godself, All That Is, Source, whatever “God” means to you.

Many people are spiritual but not religious. We help you connect to the master within so you can live your life in a masterful way with whatever spirituality fits for you. All that we try to help you do is make a connection to the deep wisdom that is already within you. 

“Magic Mushrooms are a spiritual experience,
not a clinical experience.

Gaia Sagrada isn’t required to adhere to clinical restrictions in Jamaica, so a Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreat is more spiritual, metaphysical and shamanic in it’s approach. Supporting each person in finding the healing they need and the awareness of the real self deep within, that is our goal.

Ancient & Modern Spirituality

Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreats bridge both the ancient and the modern, bringing both the teachings of the ancients and the teachings of today’s sages together. 

Christine Breese is the founder of both Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador and Gaia Sagrada in Jamaica, as well as the largest university of it’s kind, University of Metaphysical Sciences. She has many videos and articles sharing spiritual wisdom on Youtube and blogs.

Her vision brings an energy to Magic Mushroom Retreats that no one else can, given that she bridges both the ancient and the modern worlds, gathering knowledge and wisdom in both. 

Any shaman who works with the Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushrooms Retreats must have the training, certification, wisdom and experience of the ancient Earth traditions, but also must bring a modern spirituality aspect to it, embracing practices such as meditation, yoga, and metaphysical thought, reaching for the divine deep within you.

This combination of the ancient, eastern and the modern helps you enter the divine in yourself where deep, transformational healing truly happens, at the core.

A life of grace can then be lived.

Healing is more about letting go than “fixing” things. Talk therapy is not going to “get you there.”

Healing is about dropping that which you are not, and embracing the vastness of divine awareness you really are.

Everything falls away in that kind of awareness, love and light. All resentments, anger and depression disappear when you enter the divine within yourself and know yourself as God consciousness. 

The Root of Healing Is Spiritual

REAL healing happens at much deeper levels than psychology or western medicine can reach. The root of all healing is spiritual, no matter what kind of healing you are looking for, it’s deeper than psychology. Psychology is relegated to the mental realms. Going to the core of your being is what is necessary, whether the healing you need is:

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • or spiritual

Psychology approaches from a talk therapy viewpoint, the mental body, which is of the mind. A spiritual approach reaches a much deeper place, the heart and soul of a person. Magic Mushrooms are a deeply spiritual experience whether a person considers themselves spiritual or not.

These are spiritual levels deep within yourself where that which is eternal, divine, and outside of duality. A singularity exists within you. This is where REAL healing can be had. 

  • tears are shed (a shower for the heart that cleanses you)
  • peace is truly made with the past, present and future
  • comfort is provided by our trained, experienced, compassionate facilitators
  • a smile returns to your heart and your mind

And then the divine self you didn’t even know existed within you comes forth to live your life. What we do at our magic mushroom retreat bypasses psychological processes, mental construct defenses, and emotional blocks. This medicine takes you straight to the center of who you are. 

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