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Magic Mushroom Retreat Mission Statement

magic mushroom retreatGaia Sagrada provides a safest and most transformative process for each participant in our Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica.

Gaia Sagrada has long been a respected Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Ecuador. Gaia Sagrada now brings it’s professionalism, safe practices, and experience to the world of Magic Mushroom Retreats.

This is our mission statement so you can know why it is we do what we do and why we have taken such care to perfect our Magic Mushroom Retreats.

We know that to be of the utmost in integrity is absolutely necessary when working around the medicine healing work. All of us here at Gaia Sagrada keep our karma crystal clear! Not just on a personal level, but in business too. 

magic mushroom retreatsMission Statement
Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreats

  • To provide a safe environment for Magic Mushroom Retreat participants during medicine journeys
  • To make sure the space is safe for females especially (this organization is run by a woman)
  • To give participants the opportunity to heal, and let go of the past
  • To help spiritual seekers attain enlightenment and guidance on their spiritual path
  • To help participants find their life purpose
  • To help participants receive ideas and inspirations for their work in the world
  • To bring a new level of professionalism and experience to medicine retreats
  • To bring Gaia Sagrada’s extensive experience in care and compassion to Magic Mushroom ceremonies
  • To give participants an opportunity to take Magic Mushrooms in a ceremonial format with respect and reverence to their spirituality, healing and life changing powers
  • To provide truly trained shamans and facilitators that participants can trust to hold the space correctly
  • To provide these retreats at an affordable price (as opposed to the high prices that currently exist) so that all people can afford these retreats within their budget
  • To make the world a better place one individual at a time! Let’s change the world together!

“To live in harmony with oneself is the ultimate goal and the fastest way to change the world for the better.” — Christine Breese, PhD, Founder

magic mushroom retreats

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