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Massage & Relaxation – Magic Mushroom Retreats – Gaia Sagrada

massageThere are opportunities at your retreat to receive a massage or sessions like Reiki and other energy work sessions. The price for these are not included in your retreat price, but might well be worth it to help with your process, especially if you need to learn to relax a little more than you usually do. 

Nothing makes you feel better like a massage! Touch is our first experience of this world (through our mothers) as a baby cannot “see” or focus on physical things at first.

The way a baby knows things are OK, safe or good is first through touch. Gentle and loving touch is what let’s a newborn get a feel for what awaits in this lifetime. 

So let yourself be pampered! Treat yourself to a good experience with touch! We have professional massage therapists visit our retreat and offer their services, so sign up if you want to! 

massageVarious Energy Work Modalities

Another option is to have some energy work done. Some massage therapists can also offer you sessions for healing blockages in the body, emotions and mind through deep energy work. Reiki is one of the more common modalities for this, but there are many others as well. 

Every retreat there are a few helpers and facilitators who bring their special skills and offer them at our Magic Mushroom Retreat in order to help facilitate our guests transformational processes. If this is something you are interested in, there will be sign up sheets for massage and other energy work modalities. Just let us know you would like one! 

relaxationAgain, let yourself be pampered and taken care of! You are a precious and beautiful, divine being. You deserve the best! Treat yourself to a relaxing moment between the Magic Mushroom Ceremonies and you will be glad you did! 

“Nothing says I love you to yourself like treating yourself
to a massage or energy work session!” 

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