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Yoga & Meditation – Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreats

yogaDuring your retreat, there will be opportunities to do yoga and meditation! Our Magic Mushroom Retreats have a spiritual flavor to them. We support you in every way possible in your transformational experience. We will have a regularly visiting yoga instructor and meditation sessions will be part of your retreat as well! (Don’t worry! The poses won’t be impossibly hard!)


Of course yoga and meditation sessions are optional, so you don’t have to participate in them if you don’t want to. You are welcome to take some free time, sit by the beach or the pool and relax as well, maybe even get a massage! We give you opportunities to relax in whatever way you want to and need to. However, we encourage you to take advantage of these options. They will support your journey! 

Yoga (meaning “union” or “connection”) helps you stop the mind. Yoga gives you a way to connect deeply with your inner worlds and yourself in a way that opens your consciousness to that which is beyond the physical. Yoga has long been practiced in Eastern spirituality. There is a reason this ancient practice is so powerful. If you have never tried yoga before, try it! 

magic mushroom meditationMeditation

Meditation is another way to stop the mind for a moment in order to delve deeper into the Now Moment and tap into the wisdom and depths inside you. We give you many tools and practice sessions to hone your skills. We also give you resources where you can find more information if this is something you want to incorporate into your integration endeavors after the retreat is over. 

A practice that has ancient spiritual principles, techniques that are powerful and transformative as well, meditation will take you “higher” or “deeper” into your Magic Mushroom Retreat experience. With this, you will have the chance to contemplate what you are experiencing in the ceremonies. Meditation will bring you to an understanding of the information you are retrieving in your otherworldly experiences. 

Simple meditation is sitting still in silence, with no thoughts, resting in the empty, waiting space. However, this is advanced meditation and many people get frustrated and give up because they don’t realize that to reach these states on one’s own without guidance takes a long time to perfect. 

magic mushroom retreatA good starting place for meditation is to use guided meditations, walking meditations, or other types of concentration techniques like focusing on your breath or a beautiful object (like a flower or a candle) while your mind becomes quiet. These are some techniques which will eventually bring you to the ability to sit in silence with no guidance. 

After a meditation that is guided or uses a concentration technique, THEN sit for 5 minutes more and see if you can maintain that space in silence without input from outside yourself. With this you will be able to perfect the ability to truly meditate.

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