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Extras – Yoga, Meditation, Energy Work & Day Trips!

We provide you with some extra things to do if you would like to pamper yourself. Treat yourself to some wonderful integration and relaxation opportunities! Pampering yourself a little might be just what the doctor ordered! 

yogaYOGA SESSIONS: We offer yoga sessions for free during your retreat (Yes! Included in your retreat fees) where you can relax and give your body the chance it needs to slow down and take a meditative time while doing a physical activity (don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do impossible asanas!). The yoga at our retreats is usually in the Hatha yoga category and is meant to help you relax and focus. 



massageMASSAGE & ENERGY WORK: We also offer massage and energy work sessions (not included in retreat fees) if you would like to partake in helping yourself to an even deeper experience in your psychonaut Magic Mushroom adventures in consciousness. Remove old blocks from your body, mind and emotions, give your consciousness a chance to rest and simply receive, and nurture yourself in a loving environment.



DIVINATION & SPIRITUAL COUNSELING: You can also get spiritual divination sessions and spiritual counseling if you like (not included in retreat fees). While we have facilitators and compassionate assistants at all times for you to talk to for free during your retreat at any time the feeling arises, you can also sign up for a private session for Tarot Readings and other divination types of readings, Spiritual counseling with a qualified counseling practitioner, or have your Horoscope done. We always have a trained counselor with us, but it depends on who our helper team is at the time of your retreat as to what modalities are available. Simply ask! 


day tripDAY TRIPS TO LOCAL TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: We also give you a time to go to a fun and interesting day trip destination (not included in retreat fees) in the local area. Runaway Bay, Jamaica in the Saint Ann’s province has many interesting and fun things to do. There is zip lining, you can go to the waterfalls, visit a really cool cave, go snorkeling, or simply visit the local beach areas if you like. Not only are we doing deep, transformational work at these retreats, but it’s also important to give yourself a chance to celebrate your life and have fun! 


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