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About Gaia Sagrada Magic Mushrooms Retreats

gaia sagradaGaia Sagrada Magic Mushroom Retreats brings its experience, professionalism, safety and care to the world of Magic Mushrooms in Jamaica!

The Gaia Sagrada center is well known for offering the most affordable and safest Ayahuasca & San Pedro retreats in Ecuador, South America. Now it’s time for Magic Mushrooms in Jamaica!

With literally hundreds and hundreds of Gaia Sagrada reviews, recommendations and a long track record of facilitating safe, transformational medicine ceremonies with results, you can read the Gaia Testimonials & Reviews here. 

Wisdom, Experience & Care of Gaia Sagrada

gaia sagradaTake advantage of our experience in the field of medicine ceremonies. We have conducted literally 1000’s of medicine ceremonies. Treat yourself to REAL healing that goes deep to the core and changes your life in a big way, with absolute safety. 

Many people have written to Gaia Sagrada, saying there was life before Gaia Sagrada, and then a whole different life after. They find they have more peace, happiness, confidence and masterfulness in handling life’s challenges. Past retreat participants thank us profusely for the transformational experience! 

We bring something to the table no other Magic Mushroom Ceremony facilitators can. This is an opportunity to be in a REAL ceremony conducted in a deep way, with true order, support and safety with an organization that really knows what it’s doing.

Even an optional Cannabis Ceremony (2-3 ceremonies) are included so people can integrate their experience with this powerful medicine experience as well. After all, this is Jamaica! When Cannabis is used in a truly purposeful and ceremonial format, even seasoned users of Cannabis will feel like they are meeting this medicine for the first time.  

How A Magic Mushroom Ceremony is Conducted
Magic Mushroom Retreat Dates
Magic Mushroom Retreat Prices

If you are looking for experience and skilled people to work with in a Magic Mushroom Retreat, you have found it. Our facilitators and shaman will guide you all the way. You can trust us to give you the Magic Mushroom Retreat experience you are looking for. 


“Give yourself the chance of a lifetime and dive deep into the universe within you!

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