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What To Expect – Magic Mushroom Retreats – Gaia Sagrada

Here are some useful Links as you look for information about our Magic Mushroom Retreats. Feel free to peruse our site for all the information we have put here:

magic mushroom retreats

In a Magic Mushroom Retreat expect the following:

  • peak spiritual experiences
  • awakening into love and bliss
  • seeing more than meets the physical eye, what’s underneath reality
  • communicating with loved ones who have passed away
  • magic mushroom retreatresolving old hurts and traumas
  • visions and entry into other dimensions
  • epiphanies and a-ha realizations
  • intellectual precision
  • ideas and inspirations for your life work
  • discovering your life purpose
  • awakened creativity
  • visionary and mystical experiences
  • oneness with all
  • overcoming self doubt
  • healing the past
  • embracing the moment and the future
  • overcome chronic depression, loneliness or grief

14 and 21 Day Retreat Options

relaxationIf you would like to be with the Magic Mushroom medicine for more time than 7 days, you can opt to do back to back Magic Mushroom Retreats and extend your time to work with the medicine to 14 days, even 21 days. Simply book more than one retreat back to back and you will have that opportunity. We refund you $150 for each extra retreat you book when you do them back to back. Our gift to you for giving this gift to yourself! 

How We Set Up The Ceremonial Space

  • intimate group circles
  • prayers and intentions
  • each participant has a personal area with a mat, backjack, and blankets
  • specific music designed for carrying the energy of the ceremonies, both live and recorded
  • experienced facilitators to help you with all your needs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • ceremonial food and water (fruit platters are beautiful!)

magic mushroom retreat

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