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TRULY Legal Magic Mushroom Retreats

legal magic mushroom retreatThere is a lot of talk about legal Magic Mushroom Retreats but we would like to clarify where it is really legal and where it is not legal.

Just because Magic Mushrooms have been decriminalized in some places for small amounts for personal use, this does not mean that a magic mushroom retreat is actually legal in those places. Decriminalization is not enough. It is a step in the right direction, but still not a free pass. A Magic Mushroom Retreat can still get “busted” in a place where it is only decriminalized. 

Decriminalization by a state or a country simply means that it is no longer a priority for prosecution, but that in no way takes it off the list of illegal substances. What this means is that priority is given to prosecuting sellers, distributors and dealers of Magic Mushrooms, not the small user. A retreat facilitator would be considered a dealer.

Higher authorities can also still come in and override whatever the city, state or country’s desires are. Decriminalization is not immunity from the law that still exists for those who sell or distribute magic mushrooms. 

legal magic mushroom retreatDecriminalization Does Not Mean Legal

Mexico is a place where people like to say it is legal, but it is not. Small amounts for personal use are “decriminalized” but not legal. This is the same with the Netherlands, where it is simply decriminalized for small amounts. You often have to bring your own supply to these retreats. It is not legal for them to distribute it to you. Same with Amsterdam and many other places where it is not legal. 

Denver (Colorado) and Oakland (California) are two cities that have recently passed a decriminalization vote through ballots in 2019. (YAY! We are watching you USA. When the time is right we will be there!  Thank you for progressing!) The good thing is that decriminalization is the first step before legalization happens later. In the meantime there is a sort of limbo where nothing is actually secure enough to offer a Magic Mushroom Ceremony in a public, legal way in the USA. Not yet. Only a small personal amount is supposedly ok.

Another thing to note: Magic truffles (Netherlands) are not the same as REAL Magic Mushrooms. This is another fungi, not real Magic Mushrooms which grow above ground. If you want REAL Magic Mushrooms, Jamaica is the place to go. 

legal magic mushroom retreatOnly ONE Place In The World

There is only ONE place in the entire world where legal Magic Mushroom Retreats can be conducted, and don’t require certification of any sort to use them. That is Jamaica. This is the only place you can be absolutely sure nothing funky can happen during a retreat or ceremony you are in while under the influence of Magic Mushrooms. 

While magic mushroom retreats do indeed happen in other places, it is important to know that there is always a risk in these places. A Magic Mushroom Retreat in Jamaica is absolutely secure. 

This is why Gaia Sagrada has chosen Jamaica for it’s Magic Mushroom Retreats. We know for an absolute fact you will be safe in Jamaica. Enjoy! 

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