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What Is Spiritual Self Discipline?

magic mushroom ceremony

magic mushroom ceremonyIn a Magic Mushroom Retreat, you will get insights and a-ha realizations about how to solve certain situations in your life, how to change unhealthy programming, and how to enforce your boundaries gently but firmly. It is not enough to simply know these things. You MUST take action on them in order to change your life.

For instance, maybe you are living in an unhealthy situation or relationship. When you return from your Magic Mushroom Retreat, you may well need to move or end a relationship of abuse. This isn’t always going to be something that is easy.

Maybe it will cost more to live on your own and not share rent anymore with an unhealthy person. Maybe you are scared of the idea of living on your own and ending a relationship that may have been going on for a long time in it’s present dysfunctional state. Maybe you reason with yourself that being with someone who is abusive is better than being alone.

If you are to take action and make the changes necessary to create a happier life, you must get up the courage to set out on your own and risk whatever happens. Sink or swim. This could be daunting for some people.

Another example: Perhaps you have some old, unhealthy mental programming that you need to change. Perhaps there is self berating dialogue, self esteem issues or unworthiness. The action you need to take is literally to police your consciousness and retrain yourself into healthier ways of thinking and feeling about yourself. You have to force yourself to stop these mental and emotional habits. Breaking a habit takes a LOT of effort. (A repeating alarm on your phone is a great way to bust programs, by the way, a reminder every half an hour to say your affirmations or change your consciousness or emotions!)

magic mushroom ceremonyYet another example: Perhaps you need to learn to speak up and state your needs, or defend your boundaries more. For some people this is a very difficult action to take, especially if they are the kind of people who avoid conflict at all costs. Asking for what they need, or even standing up for themselves and not allowing certain behaviors to be around them anymore will take great courage to make known. Often people react badly when you cut them off from being able to mistreat you anymore, or ignore your needs as they have been.

These are examples of having to take action on the insights and realizations you receive during a Magic Mushroom Retreat, long after the retreat is over. This is what it takes to make the life changes a reality instead of a fantasy.

So yes, a Magic Mushroom Retreat can change your life but you have to do the spiritual homework afterwards to make the changes real!

By Christine Breese, PhD, Shaman, founder of University of Metaphysical SciencesGaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center in Ecuador South America and Magic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica.

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