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Awaken, Creator Being, Awaken: You Are God Dreaming

How is the change for the better going to happen? YOU are the change. I’m sure you have heard this before, but it goes deeper than what you might be thinking. Please stay with me for a moment, and open to this awareness. It’s juicy!

Now is an important time in human evolution, the evolution of the heart. If the heart of humanity is evolved, it would be impossible for wars, starvation, oppression and other such negative manifestations which presently exist in this world.

It Is Time To Heal And Move On, Here’s How

Many people are mistaken about what healing is. Healing is not about fixing anything, or even having to analyze from every angle what’s wrong with you. Healing is simply about letting go, emerging as the true self that you are, and everything else just falls away. This is what awakening feels like. 

You are already perfect deep inside. You always were. You are a part of Godself, this consciousness of the One Self, so how much more worthy and perfect can you get than that? It is time now to let the eternal self live this life, rather than the struggling human identity that harbors hurts and resentments.

Imagine what it would be like to live free as the eternal self that you are, without the burdens of human injuries. Sure you will still be a human, and challenges will continue, but you will be free of the past and able to live more like a master creator being, dealing with the more fun teachings of the moment than with the teachings of the past that should have been learned already and let go.

It starts with healing your life, healing your mind and emotions, and living as the divine being you really are. That is how this change in the world begins. It changes one individual at a time. The time is over for long processes, years of talk therapy, and the need for a long “time” for healing.

Healing is about letting go, dropping the story and the identification with the story. Healing is about emerging as the true self you already are, the eternal self that you are part of. You are a creator being, a mini, holographic version of God.

So let go of the past, and make peace with the circumstances of your life. It is only three blinks of the eye anyway, a human lifetime, so there is no more time to waste on suffering unnecessarily.

In order to heal, just take a breath and let go of all that’s upsetting you. Go beyond forgiveness of those who have harmed you. Have no blame in the first place. Rise to the perspective of a master who sees all humans as growing children, and some of those children mess up pretty badly. However, they are just children none the less, even adults who harmed you as a child. It’s time to stop blaming your parents, your circumstances, and the world.

It’s time to take responsibility for the challenges you took on. You agreed to them. Now get the job done, and live as the masterful being that you really are. It is time to end the ideas of victimhood and helplessness, take control of your reality, and make a good life and world for yourself. You can. It’s all right there and it won’t take long if you simply just stand up and step out of the muck.

That’s how simple healing can be. Say goodbye to the garbage, the processing, the ickiness, the darkness, and turn your attention to what you can have now, which is a good life, a good dream.

It’s all about what you put your attention on now. Break the habits of looking into the darkness or the things that make you sad, angry and depressed. Focus your attention on that which is good, uplifting, and amplify that which is beautiful in this world so it gets more juice for manifestation!

Who are you? Better Question: WHAT are you?

If you were to take a tiny piece of a holographic picture of an apple, the whole apple will be in that tiny piece of the picture. This is how you are a part of Godself, a tiny piece, but a picture of the whole self. So if you want to know who God is, look at your own consciousness. God has been here in you all this time! God is your true identity. It is all One Self living all these lives, including yours and mine and everyone else’s.

So if you are wondering who and what you are, you are the vast eternal self that is here for only three blinks of an eye, dreaming that it is a human, an individual, you. You are a dream character in the mind of God, you are the expression of Godself, and Godself is your consciousness, your awareness, dreaming.

You Are A Strong and Experienced Soul

You took on the things you took on because you are a strong and experienced soul. No inexperienced parts of God could come here at this period in time in human history. This will be known as the Great Awakening a thousand years from now, maybe even sooner, and you are part of this wave of energy that is causing this awakening in the human species. Basically, awakening is dropping that which is covering the light and wisdom that you already are.

I have seen the future. It is beautiful. Utopian. It is all right there for humanity if we make the right choices right now. In fact, this species IS making the right choice, it’s already happening, in you and millions of others. Awakening is spreading like wildfire. It is impossible to hold back the ocean. Some are trying, but it is not possible to hold back human consciousness anymore.

Don’t Waste Time Looking Into Darkness Anymore, Anchor The Joy Now

Don’t put your time and attention into conspiracy videos and watching the train wreck. It is a waste of your consciousness and energy. Sure, watch the headlines and get the gist of what’s happening if you want to but don’t react to it with negative emotions or focus on it. It’s not as real as it looks. In fact, you can pull creation material out from these dark creations and reassign that creation material to beautiful creations, giving positive creations more energy and juice.

React to the dark things in the world more like a wise angel patiently waiting for the growing “child” to get it. Take back your consciousness from this focus. It is a trick to keep you in a negative pole emotion like despair, anger, hopelessness, fear, etc. Your consciousness is being hijacked by sorcerers who know that keeping all those negative fear mongering things there on the internet will give juice to the dark engine, through you. That is why those things are there and haven’t been taken down. They need YOU to manifest the dark dream, and you will if you don’t spend as much time, or more, envisioning humanity’s Utopian future as much as you envision its demise and downfall.

Sure, there might be some rough waters for a while, but you don’t have to be part of that. You really don’t. If you hold positive vibrations you will resonate with the places and people who are headed for a heavenly future on Earth.

That is how you get on the train, change the world and do your part, anchoring joy and happiness in this world, bringing heaven to Earth.

By Christine Breese, Ph.D., founder of University of Metaphysical SciencesGaia Sagrada Retreat Center in Ecuador and Magic Mushrooms Retreats in Jamaica.

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