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Founder & Shaman – Christine Breese

christine breeseChristine Breese, PhD, is 57 years old (the picture is her at 55) and has collected plenty of life experience. She is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences (Arcata, California, USA) and Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center (Ecuador).

Christine Breese is also a trained and very experienced shaman with literally 1000’s of ceremonies of experience. You will be in good hands with her as you go through your journey. 

Traveling extensively, Christine has given loads of spiritual meditation retreats, even free retreats to those who don’t have any money. She cares a lot about people on a spiritual path and helps them heal from the past and embrace a beautiful life. 

Out of the thousands of online Youtube guided meditations you will find several by Christine Breese. Many have commented that her guided meditations changed their lives. Her soothing voice and wise meditations have earned great respect in the spiritual teacher community as some of the best in the market, giving people deep experiences of their inner worlds. Each meditation aids in deep healing of every listener. 

She has also facilitated literally 1000’s of medicine ceremonies and has decades of experience with medicine ceremonies and medicine retreats. She founded Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador for offering Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies. She runs ceremonies herself as well as works with other shamans. She lives and works at Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador most of the time, and spends the rest of her time in Jamaica offering Magic Mushroom Retreats or visiting the United States to offer meditation retreats there. 

christine breeseWhat It Takes To Become A Shaman

Many people claim to be shamans but they are not. They throw the term around loosely but don’t really know what it means nor have they done the work to truly earn the title. Make sure you are working with a REAL shaman and not just someone who has gone to a few ceremonies and thinks they are a shaman now. Very important!

A lot of people who are conducting medicine ceremonies have no training whatsoever, they are simply passing out the medicine and hoping for the best. They don’t know how to protect a ceremony, they don’t know how to remove dark energies from the environment or from people, and they don’t know how to truly facilitate a person who is in a difficult process. Pretty words are not enough.

Shamanic training takes many years to complete and only when a shaman is ready does he or she receive the blessing of the elders to hold ceremonies. This title takes as long to earn as a Western medicine doctor takes to earn his or her degree, almost 8 years. Many vision quests are required. Many Sundances are required. It is also required to apprentice at hundreds of ceremonies as a firekeeper and shaman’s assistant, as well, caring for the participants. 

There are many tests and challenges along the way. The elders must see that the apprentice hoping to earn the title of Shaman has made personal life changes appropriate to someone who is ready to be a leader, healer and teacher to the community. Only then is a person blessed with the authority and right to carry the medicines to the people. 

christine breeseChristine Breese Certified Shaman

Christine Breese has earned the title of Shaman through hard work and training, putting in many long years of work into earning the title. She has made life changes, did her spiritual growth, and learned life’s lessons in a solid way. She has worked in Shamanism for 34 years. 

She also earned great respect for her work in opening the Gaia Sagrada Shamanic Medicine Retreat Center in Ecuador, which was no easy feat! 

Breese brings a special otherworldly touch to Magic Mushroom Retreats through her vast knowledge and experience with many spiritual paths, not just shamanism.

She has studied spiritual texts galore and walked many spiritual paths to find what is common among them all. She has experimented with multitudes of meditation techniques and has mastered the art of meditation, teaching many others how to meditate in a profound way. She brings an esoteric touch to the medicine ceremonies she runs, with the ancient traditions solidly on one side and modern Eastern spirituality on the other. 

A wise spiritual counselor, compassionate healer, and considered a wizard of sorts, Christine Breese brings beauty to the world of medicine ceremonies in a unique way. Everyone who sits in her ceremonies loves her and her way of conducting them. 

christine breese shamanShe knows how to help every person, somehow. She has special skills for seeing what people need, what their pasts are, even their past lives. She can see their auras and determine where the blockages are. She also has an uncanny way of going straight to the core of what is needing to be healed. She touches everyone’s heart in a beautiful way. A divine golden light flows from her into the world. 

Christine Breese doesn’t keep a lot of money for herself. Her prime directive is to help anyone who wants to heal and awaken, in whatever way they need in any given moment. That is what is most important to her. This is not an era for making tons of money, she says. This is the Great Awakening of Humanity, and she does her part to make it possible for every individual to ride this wave. 

“To heal yourself is to heal the world. To awaken is to awaken the world. To live your life in a beautiful way is how you change the world.” — Christine Breese, PhD, Shaman

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