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Magic Mushroom Retreats – Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you will have questions, and we hope our website explains well what you can expect from our Magic Mushroom Retreat in Jamaica. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to ask us through our contact page any questions you have. That’s what we are here for! However, some of your questions very likely will be answered here! 

Is Jamaica safe for travel? 

Yes! Certain parts of Jamaica are less safe than others, as in all nations, but Runaway Bay and Montego Bay are upscale and very safe in Jamaica, catering to tourists every year. We suggest you avoid Kingston or “off the beaten trail” places where tourists are not frequenting. We pick you up at the airport and bring you straight to the Magic Mushroom Retreat location, so there isn’t any trouble you can get into on that route. 

One thing we will caution you about though is buying marijuana or any other drugs from anyone offering to sell it to you who you don’t know. Even though various things are legal in Jamaica, you need certification if you are not under the umbrella of our retreat, so do not buy anything from people on the street or even right outside the airport offering it to you. Undercover police are always preying on unsuspecting tourists who don’t know any better, they take you to jail, and the fines are exorbitant. It is income for Jamaica. Don’t make this error. 

Are there medical facilities near the location of the Magic Mushroom Retreat? 

Yes! And we always have professionals standing by to help if there should ever be an emergency. No one has ever had an emergency, but we chose a location that is near medical facilities so you have what you need if you should have any problems. 

Will I be able to return to work after a retreat? 

Yes, after a day of rest you will be ready to engage in your normal work routines. 

Are there shops, restaurants and souvenir shops nearby? 

Yes. You will have the option of having a driver who will take you anywhere you want to go and all those types of stores are nearby, but you will also have a chance to do this sort of thing on the day trip excursion day which happens on day 5 of your retreat if you choose to go somewhere. If there is anything you absolutely are going to need, though, please bring it with you. Not everything and anything is available in Jamaica. You shouldn’t need anything since our retreat is all inclusive. 

Is there a beach nearby where I can swim?

Yes! The water is lovely and only a 2 minute walk to a private beach for members. Our guests are considered members and are able to access that particular beach. There are many other beaches around too! If you want a beach day for your day trip excursion, there is snorkeling, boat rides, all sorts of things to do! Don’t forget that we have two swimming pools at the resort as well. 

Is the water safe to drink? 

Absolutely yes! Some people travel with a little travel filter to take out chlorine from regular tap water wherever they go, but you won’t have any issues with the water even if you don’t have something like that to travel with. 

Are Magic Mushrooms poisonous or toxic? 

No. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol are toxic. Magic mushrooms are not. The hallucinatory response is from how the psilocybin mushrooms interact with your seratonin uptake receptors in your bran. You simply absorb the compounds that are in the magic mushrooms and it is not a toxic or poisonous interaction as with some medicines. 

Will I have a “bad trip” or “go crazy?” 

Because of the safe and supportive environment we provide, the ceremonial approach, and the care we provide, you will not have a bad trip or go crazy. That happens when people take these sorts of substances in a party atmosphere among strangers or around questionable situations, environments and circumstances.

You will feel like you are in heaven here, and you will feel completely at ease with delving into difficult things within yourself if that is what comes up for you. Even if you have a difficult process to go through in your healing, it won’t feel like a bad trip or going crazy because you will be well supported and encouraged to work through whatever it is that you are letting go.

When Magic Mushrooms are approached in a reverent way, healing is what happens, and in fact you will STOP being crazy in the ways that society and your past have programmed you to be. Bi-polar, depression, PTSD, and anxiety types of conditions are fine with these medicines, and in fact are healed and benefited greatly. These medicines actually STOP the craziness we all have at some point in our lives. 

NOTE: These medicines are NOT useful for people who have schizophrenia, psychosis or any other such mental health issues. In fact, these medicines make those conditions worse and do not heal them. Please do not take Magic Mushrooms or any other psychedelic substance if you have these conditions. 

How do you determine the dosage and can I have more if it’s not enough? 

We let YOU determine your dosage, unlike other Magic Mushroom Retreats. (A normal dose is somewhere between 2-3 grams.) This is one thing about us that makes us quite different from any other retreat. We make sure you don’t overdo it as your safety and well being are our number one concern. We encourage you to go slowly so you ease into it smoothly. However, we also want to make sure that you have the experience you came for in EVERY ceremony, especially since you only have three of them. 

We make a strong Magic Mushroom Tea which makes every dose consistent, no guessing. You take shots of it as the ceremony progresses. You are quite able to determine your own dosage as you take each round at a Magic Mushroom Ceremony. You will know what is right for you. Within the first 15-30 minutes you will know exactly how it’s affecting you. 

As long as you are handling your experience gracefully we will let you take more. If you are not handling your experience well, or you are in a difficult process, of course we will not let you take more! We are able to assess who can take more as the ceremony progresses, and you will most likely agree with our assessments. 

This is quite different from any other Magic Mushroom Retreat organization. This is to insure that you have the experience you are coming for and that EVERY ceremony reaches it’s full potential for healing for you and blessing you with it’s gifts. 

magic mushroom retreatIs this retreat safe for a woman alone? 

Absolutely Yes! Not only is the founder and shaman a female who has a particular interest in creating a safe space for women, but there are many helpers who are female at the ceremonies as well. No harm will befall any woman under this care and attention to energies in the retreat. Women can relax and be themselves, even dealing with difficult things that are particular to women. This is a VERY safe place for women. In the orientation, guests are also instructed as to what is appropriate or not appropriate at these retreats so everyone knows what the rules are and the space stays safe for all involved.

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