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How do you determine the dosage and can I have more if it’s not enough?

We let YOU determine your dosage, unlike other Magic Mushroom Retreats. (A normal dose is somewhere between 2-3 grams.) This is one thing about us that makes us quite different from any other retreat. We make sure you don’t overdo it as your safety and well being are our number one concern. We encourage you to go slowly so you ease into it smoothly. However, we also want to make sure that you have the experience you came for in EVERY ceremony, especially since you only have three of them.

We make a strong Magic Mushroom Tea which makes every dose consistent, no guessing. You take shots of it as the ceremony progresses. You are quite able to determine your own dosage as you take each round at a Magic Mushroom Ceremony. You will know what is right for you. Within the first 15-30 minutes you will know exactly how it’s affecting you.

As long as you are handling your experience gracefully we will let you take more. If you are not handling your experience well, or you are in a difficult process, of course we will not let you take more! We are able to assess who can take more as the ceremony progresses, and you will most likely agree with our assessments.

This is quite different from any other Magic Mushroom Retreat organization. This is to insure that you have the experience you are coming for and that EVERY ceremony reaches it’s full potential for healing for you and blessing you with it’s gifts.

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