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Will I have a “bad trip” or “go crazy?”

Because of the safe and supportive environment we provide, the ceremonial approach, and the care we provide, you will not have a bad trip or go crazy. That happens when people take these sorts of substances in a party atmosphere among strangers or around questionable situations, environments and circumstances.

You will feel like you are in heaven here, and you will feel completely at ease with delving into difficult things within yourself if that is what comes up for you. Even if you have a difficult process to go through in your healing, it won’t feel like a bad trip or going crazy because you will be well supported and encouraged to work through whatever it is that you are letting go.

When Magic Mushrooms are approached in a reverent way, healing is what happens, and in fact you will STOP being crazy in the ways that society and your past have programmed you to be. Bi-polar, depression, PTSD, and anxiety types of conditions are fine with these medicines, and in fact are healed and benefited greatly. These medicines actually STOP the craziness we all have at some point in our lives.

NOTE: These medicines are NOT useful for people who have schizophrenia, psychosis or any other such mental health issues. In fact, these medicines make those conditions worse and do not heal them. Please do not take Magic Mushrooms or any other psychedelic substance if you have these conditions.

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