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Magic Mushrooms & Ayahuasca Similarities Galore

Magic Mushrooms are in the same medicine family as Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is 5 DMT, and Magic Mushrooms are 4 DMT. Both are in the DMT medicine family. San Pedro and Peyote are in the mescaline medicine family. Some of you may be familiar with those.



Magic Mushrooms are only 1 DMT molecule away from Ayahusaca, and that that means is that Magic Mushrooms are more bio available to your body, not needing the MAOI inhibitor (vine) that is needed in order for your body to absorb Ayahuasca. For people who have a hard time absorbing Ayahuasca and having an experience, which is actually quite common, Magic Mushrooms are a more sure bet to having an experience. People are always going to have an experience with Magic Mushrooms.

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